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If there is one thing I can almost put money on when it comes to using bathroom facilities in a church, it is that the toilet paper is cheap. Although this seems like a weird thing to talk about on a blog, I promise I will have some implications.

Now when I say cheap, it needs to go in saying that cheap has vast definitions, but you know what kind I am talking about! The kind of toilet paper that feels like it’s 100 grit sandpaper, most certainly one-ply, and has the texture of the outside of an onion skin. Not only does the feeling of cheap toilet paper underwhelm those who are using it, but it also costs money. The reason it costs money is because people have to use so much of it in hopes that maybe, just maybe, it will feel like it does at home, using three-ply Charmin Ultra Soft.

The toilet paper in a church versus the toilet paper at your house illustrates two different ways of accomplishing the same job. The same can be true for the gifts and abilities that we are given. Are we using our gifts to just get the job done, leaving a lot of waste, or are we doing our best to use the gifts that God has given us to be effective in sharing His Word and glory with those around us?

As for me and my house, we will serve three-ply Charmin Ultra Soft! Your gifts and abilities go beyond yourself and have the ability to impact others around you. Don’t waste your gifts. Don’t be cheap toilet paper.

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